Welcome to the Neighborhood

Imagine a world where we treat everyone like our neighbor

No one would be hungry or thirsty, everyone would have a secondary education and a roof over their heads.

That's what our goal is. That we can make our world our neighborhood.

Guess what? It starts with your community.

Here's how it works:

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Take a peek at the easy-to-print downloads and see what catches your eye! All we ask for is your zip code so we can see where you’re getting your community connected.

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Check out our curriculum and group discussions on building a larger community and learn how to meet new people through this process.

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Go out and about around town and share positivity, positive vibes and thumbs up. Through our free printables. Leave behind in a bathroom or restaurant. You never know how someone’s day becomes brighter!

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Post on social media with the hashtag #dontbeastranger and share how connecting with people has influenced your life. Start sharing your story.






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